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Studio City Curtains

Since the beginning of our company, we at Studio City Curtains Shade Shoppe have proudly serving the B.H. local community by offering high quality and stylish window coverings for any occasion. Our goal is quite simple: to provide you our friend and customer with the best products and services in order to enrich your home environment. Our lavish selection of window treatments includes shutters, blinds, draperies, shades and even window film. Regardless of your window's size or shape, you can rest assured Studio City Curtains Shade Shoppe will have a customized window coverings solution ready for you.

Custom curtains for your Studio City home and business are the specialty items and services that we provide for you. We also provide free consultations and estimates for our commercial and residential Studio City customers. We specialize in working with you and your interior designer to achieve that special first impression look that is so critical for your first time visitor, as well as you, your family and your business because we know that first impressions count in Studio City. Studio City Curtains will assist you with the appropriate choice of curtain, drapes, window treatments, by offering you a wide selection and variety of fabric and materials, as well as helping you with your design, measurements and installing your curtains, window treatments drapes and valance.

Studio City Curtains by the Shade Shoppe are an effective method for controlling light and heat from the Studio City outdoors. Studio City Curtains can give you total privacy with black out curtains, block out Studio City street sound with the right choice of fabrics and they are able to give you color and texture to your Studio City room. With the right choice of fabric, valence and curtain type, Studio City Curtains is able to transform any room’s feel and look to meet your design needs.

Studio City Curtains by the Shade Shoppe will provide you with a complete choice of elegant fabrics and valences with a full range of textures, colors and patterns that are appropriate for your Studio City room and windows.

Studio City Curtains Definitions by Shade Shoppe

By definition your Studio City Curtains are designed and measured with a pocket at the top. We will place a rod through the pocket, and the curtains’ fabric is gathered to the style and fullness you choose. Based on your style choice Studio City Curtains will help you select the appropriate fabric to go with the appropriate rod. No matter what decision you make, Studio City Curtains that are used to treat your windows will soften your Studio City room, add character, warmth, richness and a comfortable mood and setting for business, entertainment, relaxation or special event.

Studio City Curtain Types by Shade Shoppe

Here are a few different types of Studio City Curtain designs that we are happy to discuss and advise during our free consultation visit to your Studio City home or business.

Shade Shoppe Bishop Sleeve Curtains use a rod pocket curtain with extra length fabric to create an elegant blousing effect. Studio City Bishop Sleeves are usually created by tying a curtain in the center. By tying it the top of the curtain it has more volume, as if you were tucking in a blouse.

Shade Shoppe Café Curtains are often seen in your Studio City kitchen to cover the bottom of the window. We usually stretch fabric between two thick rods, but you have several options for your Studio City kitchen.

Shade Shoppe Grommet Top Curtains have holes punched out at the top with rings (also known as eyelets) sewn into the fabric. A Studio City curtain rod slides easily through the eyelets and with the right fabric and proper panels it gives a great look for rustic or contemporary furnishings.

Shade Shoppe Hourglass Curtains have a rod at both the top and bottom of the curtain and tied to the center, which gives it the hourglass shape. Studio City Curtains oftentimes uses a light sheer to give it a feel that is airy and light.

Shade Shoppe Rod Pocket Curtains have a pocket sewn on the top of the curtain where a rod is inserted. Also known as Studio City pocket rod curtains, they can have a tailored look when selecting a fabric made of a chenille, tapestry or jacquard.

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